Grilling Planks MULTI

Grilling Planks MULTI

Grilling Planks, 2 pieces, alder, measures 12 x 30 x 2,4 cm for Gourmet Fishgrill MULTI 2-8, fishholder 4/30

The “grilling plank” (also termed "planking") ranks as one of the most ancient grilling techniques in the United States. The American native inhabitants were already cooking meat and fish on water‐soaked wooden planks. And for a very good reason: Through the vaporization of the water in the wooden plank the food to be grilled receives a savory aroma, the meals are juicier and more tenderized, because the plank protects them from the strong heat of the fire.

More recently, the grilling plank has begun to inspire many grilling fans in Europe, too because it is suitable for grilling sensitive dishes such as fish and vegetables. Grilling planks come in various types of wood. We use alder, which is especially well suited for fish.

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