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User information

User information

User information and warnings for the Gourmet Fish Grill

Before use please read the following user information and warnings carefully:

1.)  Take note that the Gourmet Fish Grill can get very hot after being on the grill or in the respective ovens. When in use, especially when removing the Fish Grill with the grilled or cooked fish from the grill or oven, do so only by using the enclosed detachable handle, hand lifters or with suitable heat-insulated materials e.g. oven gloves, holders etc.

2.)  The fish is placed from the gut side with its back bone onto the fork-shaped double skewers and pressed on. The enclosed skewers are pierced through the basket and above the backbone through the fish, whereby care is to be taken that injury to the hand or fingers is avoided.

3.)  When fixing the detachable handle care should be taken to ensure that the handle is hooked on, locked and secured on the basket so that it cannot loosen itself from the basket during handling.

4.)  Placing frozen fish on the Gourmet Fish Grill should be avoided on account of the risk of injury.

5.)  Children under the age of 14 are prohibited from setting up and using the Fish Grill. Older children are only allowed to use the Fish Grill once they have received an explanation of these warnings.

6.) The Gourmet Fish Grill is manufactured completely from foodstuff-proof stainless steel. The surface is electro-polished.

For reasons of hygiene and in accordance with foodstuff requirements the basket and the handle are to be cleaned regularly after use. The basket can also be washed in the dishwasher without any problem.