Which fish are suitable for the cooking method of fish on the spit or grilling? 

Oily fish are very suitable, e.g. herring and mackerel. But also trout, whitefish, pike-perch, pike, char and various kinds of whitefish, e.g. barbel, bream and chub are very suitable. 

Charcoal Grill 

Put the Gourmet Fish Grill with the inserted fish onto the rack of the charcoal grill. First of all the fish should be grilled for approximately 3 to 5 minutes on its gut side. Then turn the Gourmet Fish Grill so that the gut side of the fish is facing upwards. 

Indirect Grilling with the gas grill

When grilling with a gas grill you can choose the indirect grilling method for the cooking process. Pre-heat the gas grill to approximately 180 degrees Celsius (356° F). Place the Gourmet Fish Grill containing the fish next to the source of heat with the gut side facing upwards and close the lid.                           A one-portion fish is done to completion in approximately 15 to 25 minutes using this method. 
A several-portion-fish, depending on its size, requires up to 45 minutes and up to 60 minutes in the gas grill. 

Grilling as fish on the spit

For the cooking process of a fish on the spit you will need the attachable twist handle and the matching counter-twist part. You can fix these simply by attaching and screwing-on at the head end of the cooking basket. 

Fish on the spit for fish of up to 16 inches in length

The fish are placed into the Gourmet Fish Grill and hung in the grill. Grill your fish by turning the handle for about 15 - 25 minutes over the charcoal embers. For predominantly leaner fish on the spit you can brush at intervals with melted butter during the grilling process. This prevents the fish becoming dry and makes the skin crispy.

Fish on the spit for fish of up to 28 or 40 inches in length

The fish are placed into the Gourmet Fish Grill (BIG or MAXI). The cooking basket containing the fish is held by way of side fixtures on the grill over the source of heat and by turning the handle can be cooked to completion on all sides. 

The sidewise vertical rails can be delivered on request.