Grilling Planks

Grilling Planks

For especially gentle and aromatic grilling

The ideal accessories for the GOURMET FISHGRILL


The “grilling plank” (also termed "planking") ranks as one of the most ancient grilling techniques in the United States. The American native inhabitants were already cooking meat and fish on water-soaked wooden planks. And for a very good reason: Through the vaporization of the water in the wooden plank the food to be grilled receives a savory aroma, the meals are juicier and more tenderized, because the plank protects them from the strong heat of the fire.

More recently, the grilling plank has begun to inspire many grilling fans in Europe, too because it is suitable for grilling sensitive dishes such as fish and vegetables. Grilling planks come in various types of wood. We use alder, which is especially well suited for fish. 


Grilling with the Grilling Plank is so simple

Before grilling place the grilling plank into water for at least one hour and make sure it is completely immersed - the longer in water the more aroma emitted.

Tip: You can improve the taste of the food to be grilled by additionally mixing in wine, whiskey or fruit juice with the water. Creativity knows no bounds here.

Lay out the food for grilling and pre-heat the grill to approx. 180° C (356° F).

Place the GOURMET FISH GRILL MULTI 2, 4, 6 or 8 with the MULTI fish holders or the GOURMET FISH GRILL STAR into the grill.

Take the pre-soaked grilling plank or planks, rinse under running water and dry the upper surface. To prevent the food to be grilled from sticking to the plank, apply a thin coat of cooking oil and place the seasoned food onto the plank. A pinch of salt can also be sprinkled between the grilling plank and the food to be grilled (fish skin).

The grilling plank complete with the food to be grilled is placed onto the MULTI fish holders, or onto the Gourmet Fish Grill STAR, into the grill and grilled indirectly under a closed lid.  

As the heat penetrates from below, the water in the grilling plank vaporizes and cooks the food more gently, juicier and more tenderized and emits the aroma of the wood onto the food to be grilled.  The heat over the grilling plank cooks the food to be grilled from above. 

For fruit and vegetables we recommend oiling the sections.

Keep an eye on the temperature. Reducing the heat minimizes a burning of the plank and the meals are cooked gently and with aroma. When using charcoal, make sure the distance to the grilling plank is adequately large enough so that the grilling plank does not burn.  

After about 10 - 25 minutes the food is done and can be taken from the grill.

Warning: The grilling plank is hot! Remove from the grill by using tongues or heat-resistant mitts only. When serving up the grilled food on the plank, place only on a heat-resistant base.

Cleaning the grilling plank: Under hot water with a brush. Cleaning can also be done by using mild soapy water which should be thoroughly rinsed away with clear water afterwards.   

For a better aroma the upper surface of the grilling plank can be sanded down after several grilling courses, this opens the wood pores and makes the taste just as excellent as it was during the first grilling course.  

Notes for the user: When using the GOURMET FISH GRILL MULTI, the height capacity of the grill can be used to a maximum, making it possible to grill several portions simultaneously. Or: whole fish below and the side dishes up above on the grilling plank.