Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

for the cooking process using the Gourmet Fish Grill


Preparation of the fish

Always prepare a freshly caught fish on the following day. In this way the delicate skin becomes firmer and remains intact during the cooking process. Fish are prepared ready-to-cook carefully. Fish with large scales are scaled. Finally wash and rinse out the fish, let it drain and leave to chill.

Seasoning Fish

Basically the realms of fantasy here are boundless. The simplest and best method to keep the true flavor of the fish is to just salt the fish. When salting use fine salt only. 





There are two possibilities for salting

Wet salting

The fish are laid in a saline solution for approximately 12 hours. Depending on size or alternatively quantity make up e.g. 1 L (2 pt) water with 50 g (2 oz) salt or 5 L (10 pt) water with 250 g (9 oz) salt. For very big fish increase the relative amounts. The fish should lie in a slack position in the brine and be completely immersed.  

Dry salting

The well-drained fish are sprinkled evenly with salt both on the inside and outside and layered into a receptacle. Depending on the size of the fish the salting time takes 35 - 45 minutes. The wet salting guarantees a more even salting of the fish than the dry salting. 

After the wet or dry salting the fish should be rinsed out again and dried.
Subsequently, season lightly with salt and pepper or season according to the recipe.
You can also stuff the belly of the fish with various herbs according to taste and then cook the fish on its back. Non-oily fish can be brushed with butter during the cooking process.