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The Gourmet Fish Grill – Whole fish perfectly cooked  


Fish skin stays intact icon_haken.gif         Models for fish up to 16 inches, 28 inches and 40 inches  icon_haken.gif
Juice stays in the fish  icon_haken.gif Cooked on the grill, in the combi-steamer, oven or smoker  icon_haken.gif
Fish cooks in its own juice  icon_haken.gif           High quality stainless steel, electro-polished surface  icon_haken.gif
Simple handling  icon_haken.gif         Dishwasher-proof icon_haken.gif

All the advantages of the Gourmet Fish Grill

Enjoy your fish at home just like in the restaurant. No matter whether you’re grilling, oven cooking, poaching, deep-frying or using the combi-steamer as a method of cooking with the Gourmet Fish Grill you’ll be preparing excellent fish dishes with the simplest of handling.

Full flavor

In the cooking process with the Gourmet Fish Grill the fish does not come into contact with either the grilling or the cooking appliance. The skin of the fish remains intact and the delicate characteristic taste of the fish is retained. In the cooking process there is no need for the addition of any butter or oil. That is why the Gourmet Fish Grill is especially suitable for nutritionally-aware gourmets. 


Various possibilities for the cooking process  

With the Gourmet Fish Grill you can grill, bake, poach, deep-fry or use the combi-steamer to cook your fish – just as you like it. 


For fish - big and small

The Gourmet Fish Grill is available in various sizes. For fish up to a length of 16 inches use the STAR model. For fish of several portions up to a length of 28 inches choose the Gourmet Fish Grill BIG and for fish of up to 40 inches the MAXI model.


Simplest handling

The fish is fixed in place in the Gourmet Fish Grill and can be cooked in any chosen position. On completion of cooking the fish is easily removed from the Gourmet Fish Grill and keeps its shape. 


High-quality finish

The Gourmet Fish Grill and the handle are made of high-quality, stainless steel with a perfect finish. All parts are of course “Made in Germany“.



The Gourmet Fish Grill is suitable for virtually every dishwasher. Simply release the handle from the cooking basket and wash the Gourmet Fish Grill in your dishwasher.

Protected by German Utility Model DE 20 2008 009 506.9.

International Patent Application PCT/EP2008/010504 pending.0